Asia Gaming slots was founded in 2012 by XIN Gaming and quickly rose to the top of the list for the best Asian Live Game provider. In addition to Live Casino they partnered up with XIN Gaming, releasing more than 100 table games, slots and video poker. AG’s Live Casino game portfolio was presented at the ICE Totally Gaming Event. Potential partners and gamers all over the globe were able to see the amazing things it had.

Soon after the showcase, partnership signings began. They are now well-known not only in Asia, but also in Europe, and by other global players. Developers also work with the motto “Impressive experience Only”, which is a commitment to providing high-quality products.

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Asia Gaming Live Goal Sessions

It is important that you note that all Asia Gaming Live casinos are streamed live from special, elegant studios located in various locations. This is to meet the demand of different countries and people around the globe.

Four lobbies are available at the Live Casinos.

VJ Hall. This studio has special games that allow dealers to tip and players to place wagers.

AG Euro. As the name suggests, it is for the European Market.

AGQ. This is an Asian-oriented studio that mainly makes games for Asian players.

AGN. This studio offers games to all levels of players.

Asia Gaming Live Casino Games

Asia Gaming provides a wide range of classic games. But there are three games everyone should at least attempt once in their lives.

Bid Baccarat

Asia Gaming has created its own variant. This variant gives you the chance of cutting the shoe and allows you to use the Wait Me feature. Sexy Baccarat features the squeezing feature, but it is even more unique because of the voice chat option.


This game is also known as the bull fight. You won’t technically be fighting any bull here, but you will be playing a game that is very similar in concept to baccarat.

A folktale from Asia inspired the Bull Bull game. Here, players predict which card will win and whether it will be a tie.

Five gong (cards consisting of J and Q), Bull bull (3 cards which add up over 10 and two others adding up over 10 or 20), Bull 9, (3 cards which add up to give a multiple 10, with the other two cards adding up at 9 or 19), Bull 8, etc. Last option being No Bull.

Golden Flower

Golden Flower is an Asian popular game, sometimes called Win Three Cards. The dealer deals three cards face-down, to Phoneix or Dragon, and the players bet on which hand will win.

The Golden Flower is a place where power-winning hands are used.

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Live Roulette

This is a European-style game with one zero. Roulette is a game that can be played with any level of skill. Everything is taken care of by the croupier. All you have to do is place a wager and decide how much. The dealer will then toss the ball, and you can only watch and wait to see in which pocket it falls into.

The best part about Live Roulette is that you can watch the ball roll at different angles with your camera. You can see the ball roll in HD quality and slomo, which gives it a very real perspective.

Live Dragon Tigers

Dragon Tigers are very similar to Baccarats. Dragon Tiger is a game that involves you predicting who has the higher card – Tigers and Dragons. You are not competing against any other players or the dealer.

Only 2 cards are available in the game. There are 3 possible outcomes. Either the Dragon wins, Tiger wins, or there is a tie. There are no additional cards drawn, making it more like baccarat rather than casino war.

Blackjack Live

AG’s portfolio now includes Live European Blackjack, which was added in mid-2017 to accommodate European players. Although the game offers many new betting options it is not offered by all top malaysia online casinos.

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Live Sic Bo

The game of Live Sic Bo involves three dice, which are tossed with the aid of a mechanical container. This game allows you to place wagers on a variety of outcomes, with specific triples offering the highest pay-out for 150:1 odds.

Live Dealers

Asia Gaming has very attractive Asian dealers. The girls are dressed up in beautiful, revealing clothes. Of course, the men are equally handsome.

They are lively, joyful and full of energy.

Languages Available In Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming has a specific group of Chinese-speaking dealers. Dealers who can speak other languages may be needed at Asia Gaming Casino.

Tips On Playing Asia Gaming Live Casino Games

Get the software. Obviously, the Asiagaming software is required in order to access the games. before accessing all live casino games Asia Gaming has to offer, you must have the software.

Internet connection is essential. Good internet connection is essential to play smooth Live Casino games. A poor internet connection can make it difficult to enjoy your game, and you may even make a lot of mistakes. Therefore, it is a good idea to play in an area with strong internet connectivity.

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The Right Live Casino Game

It is essential to determine which Live Casino game is best for you. Asia Gaming offers many Live Casino games. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose from any of them. Some games don’t require any skill, like Live Roulette. You can also play this game if you’re unsure of the right game.

Learn the Rules. There are rules to follow when playing Live Casino. It is important to know these rules. Knowing the rules is essential to avoid making costly mistakes and causing a loss. Be very attentive and careful.

Live Dealer-Free Play

Live Dealer Free Play is recommended for beginners. This will give you an advantage over the rest by helping you to understand the rules. This will give you an idea of what to do when playing the main game. Take only what you can afford to loose. Although the idea of winning huge amounts can seem appealing, it’s important to remember that you won’t win every time. As much as Live Casino is a way to make lots of money quickly, you need to be wise with how much you spend. Avoid regrets by only losing what you can afford.

Have Fun. This is the most important tip for Asia Gaming. Live Casino games are designed to be fun.

Asia Gaming has many attractive offers for Live Casino gaming. There is also money to be made. Asia Gaming Live Casino is a great place to play.