SBOBet is a leading Asian bookmaker with a focus on online gambling. They have been awarded numerous awards over the years and are widely considered to be one of the best in the world-right up there alongside industry giants like Paddy Power Betfair or Ladbrokes Coral.

SBOBet has licenses for many countries around Asia as well Europe, which makes them accessible anywhere from France to Malaysia.

It’s not just that they’re licensed all over; their brand recognition comes from winning prestigious sponsorship deals such as West Ham United (the Premier League team) and Cardiff City (Wales’ top-flight club). It should come then as no surprise why so many people trust this company: All you need to do is to look at how hard it is.

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Attractive Features

SBOBet’s unique selling point is its position as the best sports betting site in Asia as well as Malaysia for Asian handicap markets. Customers have an unrivaled range of options when placing bets with them. Their unique offerings are truly exceptional. You will also find the best odds anywhere online for their Asian handicap section.

Safety and Security

With no security concerns found in our research, SBOBet is a safe bet for those looking to gamble online. They are licensed by the First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation of the Philippines as well as The Government of Isle Of Man- two entities that have proven themselves trustworthy with regards to gaming regulation.

Customers’ finances and data remain secure due to SBObet’s precautions againsthackers penetrating their system; furthermore there has been absolutely zero evidence thus far proving this not true.

Margins and betting

SBOBet is one of the only bookmakers that offers Asian as well as Malaysian handicap betting odds at the highest quality. They offer a high level of competitiveness across all markets and have an impressive maximum wager limit – PS100000. But it seems like their limits are dropping over time.

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The online gambling site Daftar Game Online has been known to be among the few providers offering Asia handicapping for higher-quality bets than any other provider on this list. Their competition in this area consistently falls below them.

They maintain a competitive edge with great margins in most games as well as having some wins we haven’t seen from any competitors lately (with more coming). The website, Daftar Game Online gives you the access to bet amounts up to PS100, 000 which makes it ideal.

SBOBet Markets & Odds

It’s hard to find a place where you can bet on every event that might come up in your life. Whether it be the outcome of an election or whether somebody will buy this article or what color tie I’m wearing tomorrow (hint: don’t worry about that one). But there is one thing for sure – if you’re looking for Asian or Malaysian handicaps and want to take some risks with other events too, then Daftar Game Online should have everything you need.

SBOBET has been operating since 1998 and was founded by Tony Fernandes. It offers betting opportunities from all over Asia including Thailand, Hong Kong Singapore as well as Malaysia itself- which sports are offered depends largely on location but football is always present alongside boxing tennis water.

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Live to stream and live to bet

If you are looking for a betting platform that offers live streaming, then Daftar Game Online is an excellent choice. With about 20-25 games per hour and clear in-play buttons like “Auto Refresh Odds,” it’s easy to say that they offer the best service of its kind. If not this, they at least can be considered one of the top contenders out there since their competitors don’t even come close with only 10 or so games available each day.

Placement and payments

When it comes to paying out, there isn’t much drama. Most popular payment methods (except PayPal) are accepted. Processing times can vary from a few hours up to several days. Transactions in either direction are free of fees and commissions, but SBOBet allows only one withdrawal per 24-hour period.

Customer Service

Daftar Game Online is always there for their customers. Whether you’re playing in the day or at night, they have services to suit your needs and will be happy to answer any questions that come up along the way.

One of these options includes live chat which automatically connects you with customer service representatives who can see what’s happening on a player’s screen while chatting so players never feel ignored.

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Get Started

It is clear that Daftar Game Online was designed to appeal to high-rollers. The bonus offer is a dead giveaway. This bonus offers a slight deviation from the norm. New customers are offered an additional 15% bonus on their first deposit, up to EUR200.

They expect large deposits from their customers, so the bonus is less appealing for recreational gamblers. However, high-rollers might not find it appealing due to the 14X wagering requirements.

You can still access the SBOBET website and place bets via this bookmaker even if your country blocks it. We have put together a list with alternative links to Daftar Game Online.

SBOBet Mobile

The SBOBet mobile site is not much to look at, but it still delivers fast page loading and a few useful features. While there isn’t an app available for the time being, you can browse on any browser or device with ease.

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SBOBet Casino

SBOBet accounts also allow access to their online casino. This is quite impressive considering that they are mostly focused on sports betting malaysia. The platform is well-designed and offers a wide range of live-dealer, table and slot games. Although the casino is accessible via mobile devices, it would be great if there were at least an app. Please, be careful with the bonuses and promotions, because SBOBet can be a bit sloppy when it comes to wagering requirements.


Well, Daftar Game Online is a comprehensive Asian handicap betting site that caters to high-rolling gamblers. If you are interested in gambling for large sums of money, then this is the right place to be.

 Daftar Game Online offers unbeatable odds on its many sports events and upstanding customer service if something goes wrong with your wager or payout. However, there may be better places out there for people who want recreational vacation fun than those looking strictly at serious gaming options.

While they have all sorts of great features like casino games and OTT viewing requirements (you can watch live matches from home through streaming video), our system requires $1 million as a mandatory bonus amount before use – not quite what most would call “recreational.”