Mega888 and the Adorable Bonus Bear Slots


Bonus Bear Slots characters are some of the most beloved to be featured in media. From Ted, who is not very cute but rather crude (to say the least!), to animated bears and plushies for all those beer lovers out there; these furry friends have been around since ancient times. You can now enjoy this world with a new slot game released by Intertops Casino!

Bears have always had an important place in our cultures from antiquity until today – whether they’re being depicted as heroes or just plain old animals that you need nothing more than love from them: either way we humans seem to never get tired of seeing these fluffy creatures on screen time after time again! This goes especially so when they come alive through animations like cartoons, TV shows, or movies

Bonus Bears is a 5-reel slot game with 25 pay lines that have embraced the wildlife theme brilliantly. The time to explore its wilds is now available at Mega888 Malaysia! This game is developed by the famous gaming software company Playtech.  In this game, the basic life of a bear in the wilderness is on full display for all players to see and enjoy as they spin their way through its many rewards – including honey jars, grizzly bears, and female park rangers which adorn Bonus Bear’s reels.

Bonus Bears is one of the most sought-after slots games on the market. The graphic quality and sharp fonts are sure to draw in players, but it’s also a no-brainer for those who want an easy game with two buttons – Spin or Auto Play!

Mega888 Bonus Bear Slots

Bonus Features of Bonus Bears

Bonus Bears is a simple, addictive game that’s fun and rewarding.

There is no more satisfying feeling than getting a winning combination of symbols on the reels. Playing Bonus Bears, you have to match three or more bears for them to be cleared out from your playing space and replaced with another set of icons. The stakes are always high because if one bear enters its game zone without being matched then all bets will be forfeited!

Bonus Bears is an addictive new slot that can get exciting when there are massive multipliers available as well as free spins too! Some wilds provide extra value by acting as any other symbol except for the honeycomb. These act best when they’re used together in combinations. The scatter symbols triggering a multiplier or Honey and Free games feature!

The Honey bonus round is a fun feature that players can activate by getting at least three honeybees anywhere on the reels. In this game, you’ll have to help The Bear find as many pots of honey as possible up in one of five trees which he will climb with your assistance, and for each pot found, there’s more cash! This could be activated during Free Spins too so it never gets boring.

The wild symbol on reels 2, 3, and 4 is what triggers the free game feature. This happens after around 15 spins in a row with no other winning combinations. Once this starts happening you can keep triggering it until your bankroll runs out or goes over 500x! Talk about some intense action for sure!

How to Play Bonus Bear

Spin the reels and get honey-bears excited with Bonus Bears. With massive multipliers, free spins, wilds that can be represented by a bear symbol – which also replaces other symbols in this game – you’re sure to find something for everyone here!

The honey pot bonus feature in this game is more lucrative than other slots, with up to 100 times your initial wager. Players can also win a jackpot of over 5000 coins if they are lucky; however, it’s not possible to count the wins in the bonus round because there isn’t an option for players who want their payouts by coin denomination or number instead of as credits.

The Dual-Play Mode Of Bonus Bear Slots

Bonus Bear slots are a great way to play for free without having any money on the line. You’ll be able to learn how it works and what strategies you need, too!

Bonus Bear has two different modes: one that is free and another where players can make in-game purchases if they want an advantage over other opponents. The game itself is 100% mandatory with no charges or costs at all when playing as long as you’re logged into your favorite casino site like ours here at

How to Get the Bonus

The Honey bonus symbol is the key to this round because it will be activated if the reels have at least three beehives. The bear must reach one of five trees, and collect as many honey pots as possible in order for them to win a larger prize. This feature can only occur during free spins or when triggered by normal gameplay!

Bear with me, the more you spin this game, the greater your reward. The free spins happen when the wild symbol appears on reel 2 or 3 and can be activated again in 15 gaming sessions to win up to 30 times! If that’s not enough for a winning streak then don’t fret because multiply wins by three during those free rounds too.